Monday, January 19, 2009

Buy Trees In Bulk - CHEAP

If you don't mind buying 1 year old trees and like to buy them extremely cheap then this is your post. We found out from a new friend that owns a Christmas Tree Farm that we could buy them through him using his supplier.

We got approx. 600 pine trees about 24 inches long from tap room to tip for ~$60. He said they have ones you can buy that are older and obviously cost more and he is also going to bring us their catalog so we can order some of their other trees next year. We're probably going to plant about 300 of them and give the rest to some neighbors down the road.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Contaminated Milk

Remember this next time you think about starting to raise more of your own food but keep procrastinating.

Former chairwoman and general manager of Sanlu Group testified in court on Wednesday that she knew in May that her dairy firm's products were contaminated but notified the authorities only in August.
source: Sanlu ex-boss was aware of tainted milk