Monday, July 7, 2008

Small Town Entertainment Expenses

Here's one that blew my mind today. Keep in mind we haven't been to a movie theater in about 2 years. There is a small town (< 10K) approximately 15 minutes from our new property with a small 6 screen theater. Since the kids are out of town we decided to go early in the heat of the day, why burn your flesh off your bones in the middle of the day. Here is a cost breakdown:

$3 Large Coke
$3 Large Popcorn

We're not talking large in name only but a real large 44oz. drink and the large sack of popcorn. We were amazed, my wife and I got to see a new release and feed our face for $12. We checked our cell phones and yes, it was indeed 2008 and not 1998.

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