Monday, July 13, 2009

First Chickens Hatched The Old Way Update 1

If you have not read the previous post, First Chickens Hatched The Old Way, read it is okay I can wait.

We moved the hen and her 3 chicks out to the coop with our younger hens. For a short background we currently have two coops with approx 40 chickens each. One coop has chickens that are approx. a year old and the other has hens that are between 3-4 months old. Back to the story, so some of the hens/roosters come out to check out the chicks and mom immediately goes into attack mode. It has been made clear to all comers that investigation and curiosity are not appreciate. She has been out there with the chicks for approx. one week now and had zero problems. It is amazing how the Lord designed nature to work, no heat lamps or special setup aside from the coop and she is doing a great job and keeping them warm.

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