Monday, March 29, 2010

Egg Cartons

As our egg production has increased we have had a need to sell of some of the extras. After checking our state laws (YMMV) we determined that we needed new cartons with our farm name and address stamped on them. One of the most recommended places for purchasing them is and after some research we would concur that with shipping their pricing is decent. Below are a few comparisons to simplify your search.

Description: "Eggs From Our Farm" Flat Top
Count: 400
Cost: 99.95
Approx. Shipping: 38.50
Each: $0.346

Description: Stock Printed Flat Top
Count: 800
Cost: 187.95
Approx. Shipping: 75.50
Each: $0.329

Description: Pulp Mis-Print
Count: 500
Cost: 75.00
Approx. Shipping: 38.50
Each: $0.227

Notes: The shipping does not seem to drop based on the volumes we were looking at (100-1500) but the price per carton changes by a cent or more per volume change so make sure to play with the amount some before buying.

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