Friday, February 23, 2007

Processing Chickens

It appears ~10 of our roosters are ready to be "processed" which is just another word for slaughter or butchering but I've found a place that will do it about 45 minutes from here. They charge $2.25/bird which is a little high from the research I've done but not too bad. There is an additional charge if they are over 4 lbs once processed but I doubt any meet that criteria. So I gathered up 9 today which went pretty well, the way of catching them that I tried today is I didn't chase them around, I would slowly walk until I was standing over one then move quickly. My ratio was about 3 caught to 1 that got away inside a 12' x 16' coop. I've seen more experience people do it that spend a lot of time chasing them around but I'm guessing it also depends on the breed and stubbornness of the particular bird. During transport my perspective on birds is that they are a gift from God and I need to be a good steward with them, I try to not pack too many into a cage to take to the processor.

Tomorrow this guy and some of his friends will be in our freezer.

If you would prefer to process them yourself here are some links to get you started. WARNING: These links demonstrate and discuss the process of butchering a chicken so be sure you're ready to see them killed and split open before you click any of these.

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