Friday, February 23, 2007


First we would like to welcome everyone that is on the wonderful place we call the world wide web. Our intent with this blog is to cover our transition from city living to rural/country living. We will address everything we think is relevant like searching for land, getting and raising animals, impact to quality of life for family. Our plan is to skip the misleading, "life is easy" type tutorials and instead offer it up as real and gritty as it might get.

As a brief background except for some early years where my wife lived on a hobby farm both my wife and I (and obviously all of our children) have grown up in the city. Until July of 2006 when we sold the first home we'd owned in Austin, Texas and are now looking for property. As part of our plan we are renting in a few different towns which we'd recommend to anyone on a similar journey until we find a place we'd like to call home.

Currently I work from home and my wife is a full time homeschool teacher, mother, wife, etc. To say she is an amazing woman would be one of the understatements of the 21st century. We ask that anyone who wishes to post comments here keep their posts clean and family appropriate, we do moderate. Be warned however that we will show death (not bloody and something that will scare kids) but will include real life situations so if you want to let your children read here make sure they can deal with those situations.

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